The Final Mourning

Final reports on the Sprocket unit

Second session

Final field report as filed by Artificer Ginson (Junior Specialist grade). House Cannith internal review only, for all that this matters. 998 YK.

Well. I feel compelled to file a final report on the Sprocket unit, though as near as I can tell it’s pointless because of the apparent destruction of all House Cannith bases aside from Steelhearth. But on the off chance that another unit remains active, I’ve written up this summary and will leave it in care of Steelhearth for later delivery to any active Project Sprocket committee members.

After the Mourning and the destruction of Cyre, Unit Sprocket and I continued to go through field exercises, though primarily to little true purpose. We were called back together by the Cyre crown prince, who believed that a House Cannith location called Steelhearth would allow greater ability to investigate Cyre aka the Mournland – notably he believed that Steelhearth would allow people to be transferred into the Warforged chassis and hence be immune to the effects of the Mournland. Based on this we regrouped with Frederick, Damocles, and Zero and took on the assigned mission – to penetrate into the House Cannith college and recover the key to Steelhearth.

The Prince directed us to a teleportation circle in New Cyre, which then transported us to his quarters in the ruined capital Metrol. We surprised a group of apparent looters in the room, comprised of a dwarven priest of Vol, some undead assistants, and a few living members. We negotiated a non-hostile stance and set off into the city. After spending some time in the city we felt a tremendous earthquake accompanied by enormous rumbling; unit Sprocket saw a great glow on the horizon, like an enormous forest fire (impossible in the Mournland) or a series of volcanic eruptions.

Shortly thereafter we saw a swarm of creatures rushing the city. They appeared to be subterranean dwellers, humanoid but not of any known type, of a variety of sizes. As fate would have it I knew a series of back alleys to our destination, so we were able to stay ahead of the swarm and get to the College without incident.

The college entry hall was in shambles and held a number of statues that we determined to be petrified looters. Unit Sprocket and I followed a trail into the next room, a library; unfortunately the stealth mechanisms on Sprocket malfunctioned and the resulting noise alerted the Gorgon which had caused the petrification. The gorgon breathed on most of the party, and I personally nearly succumbed; but Frederick and especially Damocles were remarkably effective at dispatching it.

Touring the remainder of the college building we found a group of mummified remains sitting around a table. Frederick had the foresight to bind a number of them while I explored further. I found the key, which turned out to be a teleportation trigger. This activated the bodies, with the Dean’s head being quite dangerous, but we were able to overcome without loss of life.

After this we found the actual teleportation circle. We stepped through and were transported to Steelhearth. See the attached rather lyrical document of Damocles’s chants, which I have transcribed to give an alternate view.


Thelrik Hyperlexic

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