The Final Mourning

Initial test of unit Sprocket

As seen by Ginson

First field report as filed by Artificer Ginson (Junior Specialist grade). House Cannith internal review only. 990 YK.

Overall Unit Sprocket functioned well in it’s initial deployment, under surprising and trying conditions. The physical functioning meets all expectations, and do the material aspects of the controls systems – notably the goal/direction imperatives and the friend/foe diagnosis are functioning well, though to be truthful the empathy emulator routines seem to be sub-par or perhaps simply overridden by other emulator routines. Unit Sprocket is resistant to modification but I will attempt parameter optimization at the first opportunity. That said Unit Sprocket doesn’t seem to entail a danger to allied forces; the friend/foe designation appears to be greatly improved from other research projects.

Here is a brief summary of the operating situation.

As planned Sprocket and I were detached to a small unit of Cyrean army, consisting aside from us of a subleader named Frederick, a morale resource named Zero Racine, and a surprising lizardman warrior titled Damocles. Following the abduction of the prince of Cyre, we accompanied the prince via airship towards the south of Cyre. We were assaulted en route by an elven sorceror, who summoned a number of devils (imps and barbed devils) and shut down the support rings. All survived via the emergency fall rings provided.

Once on the ground we regrouped and joined a larger unit of the Cyre army. We assaulted a fortress, which proved to be occupied by goblinoids (hobgoblins and goblins). We made fairly short work of the forces; unit Sprocket’s bow system proved to be useful in the open field, as did the Shatter routine which I learned recently.

After penetrating the fortress itself we found an underground corridor that appeared to be recently opened. Following this we found a large chasm. The elven sorceror appeared again, returned the prince, but abducted the princess, and immediately disappeared. All searches were fruitless.


Thelrik Hyperlexic

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