Veteran soldier and unit leader


Frederick is an experienced warrior. His equipment is high quality and well cared for, but not fancy; he wears utilitarian Mithril plate armor and carrier a longsword and shield, with a heavy crossbow slung on his back. He has an intelligent expression. His shield has the Cyre coat of arms.

Frederick is brave but has been taught caution; he know that combat is deadly and preparation is the best predictor of success. In combat he looks for the critical moment – the opening, the point where the enemy has made a mistake – and fights to protect others and himself until that moment comes. He has strong opinions but is usually reticent to talk unless he thinks it’s required. He relies on his experience and his insight to convince others to follow him, but isn’t confident of his ability to sway people with fancy words. He’s loyal to Cyre, but isn’t a zealot; he sees serving Cyre as his duty and his role in life.


Frederick is a lifelong soldier in the Cyrean army. He joined as a young drummer boy, was trained as he grew up, and fought in campaign after campaign. He never aspired to become an officer and instead was that most invaluable of soldiers: a wise, experienced sergeant.




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