A short, thin warforged artificer; the party mechanic and buffer


Ginson is a short (4’5"), thin warforged. He rests warily, ready to move if attacked. He appears to mostly be made out of dark steel and leather, which strips of brighter metal set in protective bands. He has large eyes in his face, and nimble fingers. A tube runs along his right forearm, with a set of pulleys at each end – his built-in crossbow. He wears two bandoliers of flasks, a set of pouches strapped to his thigh; and two short swords on his waist. A homunculus crouches on his shoulder. By his side there’s heavy frame pack with various tools and implements; a shield, as big as Ginson’s torso, rests on the pack.

Ginson’s primary noticeable traits are inquisitiveness, a deep wariness, and a lack of perception around other’s emotions and reactions. He clearly enjoys creating, both physical objects and magical effects. When asked he’ll show high respect for House Cannith; both as a place where the brightest work and as an organization which strives to create permanence in an uncertain world.


Ginson grew up as an orphaned urchin in Cyre, and learned to support himself through light fingers and quick wit. He came to love building little toys and devices that he would sell on the street, where he was noticed by a junior artificer of House Cannith. Driven by the strains of the war programs, House Cannith East apprenticed Ginson and other promising outsiders. Ginson always felt insecure and strove to prove himself, and was thrilled to end up working as an assistant the Sprocket program. Ginson, the most expendable member of the program, was assigned to monitor and support Sprocket Mark IV after it’s assignment to the Cyrean military. After the Greater Mourning, in sky-redoubt of Steelhearth, Ginson elected to transfer into his current Warforged body.




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