Warforgerd Ranger - Infiltrator & archer


The Sprocket unit is a moderate sized Warforged, about 5’8" and more wiry than bulky. Studded leather armor has been grafted on to him. He carried a large double-recurve composite bow, and wears climbing slippers.

Unit Sprocket fulfills his functions: penetration of enemy spaces, identification of opposing threats, elimination of approved identified targets, and successful extraction of the unit and others following action. Sprocket is uninformed on biological life and utterly uninterested in their concerns and motivations; he’ll occasionally use the term “meatsack” to describe biological life.


The unit code-named Sprocket was fabricated by House Cannith East, with the goal of producing a more flexible model of Warforged for penetration and alternative warfare. He was assigned to a special unit of the Cyrean army, under the operational command of Frederick.



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