The Final Mourning

End of Part One

Two Dragons

decent into the depths at the bandit base
confronted by the lava wyrm; negotiations
return to woodhelm
meeting at the Sculpted Keep; warned by the wizard
escape from the minions at Woodhelm
party meets a stranger, a dwarf
undersea journey to Ironport
favored by a meeting with clan elders; an offer of assistance

return to the portal by sea; aberrations and a open gate to primeval chaos
cramped cavern; defeat of a hydra
the portal opens; a visit to Steelhearth
debriefing and advice: Blackhearth as a new objective

exploring Blackhearth with dwarven assisstance
discovery of a life spark machine, exosuit
confronted by a living symbol: a dragon defiled by a devil
the dragon released, the facility secured
a job offer from the dwarves of Ironport

Does this sequence look correct? Please edit it and we’ll write it up once we can agree on the details.


Thelrik launerj666

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